Interhealth Asia Awarded the CAMS Medical Support Contract





Interhealth Asia (IHA) has yet again been awarded the Central Asian Mining Services (CAMS) Medical Support Contract for the Northern Ayank Copper Mine Exploration Phase.

This is the second contract of its type being awarded to Interhealth Asia after it was selected winner in a free bid for the Afghan Gold and Minerals Company (AGMC) Medical Support Contract in Qara Zeghan Gold Mine in Dushi district of Baghlan Province, on 12 September 2012.

The Contract for this project was signed on 5 November 2012 between the signatory parties of both companies, Dr. Naqeebullah Zaki on behalf of Interhealth Asia and Mr. Andrew Rodgers the Security Consultant of CAMS.

Interhealth Asia provides Remote  Medical Solutions and offers Design and Operation of site clinics/setups throughout Afghanistan.

IHA staffs, systems, operate and have arrangements in place which enables the employers provide rapid medical access to their employees, control costs and improve outcomes in some of the harshest places of Afghanistan.

Based on the terms of this contract, Interhealth Asia will provide a team of expert Para-Medics with full emergency and trauma care and all required medical tools and medicines, who shall provide medical care services to all CAMS employees as of 24/7 in the operation field.

The leadership of Interhealth Asia appreciates the hard work of Dr. Bashir, Dr. Wasi and Mr. Karimi who all played important role in achieving this success.

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