Interhealth Asia awarded the Afghan Gold and Minerals Company Medical Support Contract











Interhealth Asia (IHA) is proud to have been awarded the contract for Provision of Emergency/Trauma Care in Qara Zeghan Gold Mine of Dushi District, Baghlan Province, Afghanistan on 12 September 2012.

Interhealth Asia provides Remote  Medical Solutions and offers Design and Operation of site clinics/setups throughout Afghanistan.

IHA staffs, systems, operate and have arrangements in place which enables the employers provide rapid medical access to their employees, control costs and improve outcomes in some of the harshest places of Afghanistan.

Based on this contract, IHA shall provide full emergency/trauma support in the operation field as of 24/7 for all AGMC employees and will only refer severe and compound/complicated cases  to one of its nearest network of healthcare providers after initial stabilization. To do so, IHA has contracts in place with Private and Standard healthcare providers and Hospitals in Pol-e-Khumri, the capital city of the work zone and Mazar-e-Sharif, Samangan, Kunduz and Bamyan, the neighboring Provinces. Any serious/complicated case that may not be covered on the regional level, can be evacuated VIA Interhealth Asia Exclusive Air Ambulance to Kabul, India, Dubai or Turkey subject to the severity and nature of case and terms of Agreement between the parties.

The leadership of Interhealth Asia appreciates the hard work of Dr. Bashir, Dr. Wasi and Mr. Karimi who all played important role in achieving this success.

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